Hi! I'm Pamela.

I am a make-sense mamatimeless teacher, long-term wife,  wellness leader, truth seeker, wisdom keeper, energy feeler, holistic healer.
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Our skills and techniques grow through personal trials and triumphs and evolve into a source of service for others in need. Our journey guides us and shows us the way if we allow our path to flow
with grace and ease.  

I ask myself daily..."Where and how am I called to serve?"


Overcoming Depression & Anxiety

My medicine of choice, to naturally overcome my relationship with depression & anxiety, was attending yoga class multiple times a week. With 2 little boys (one with special needs) and a workaholic husband, it was an oasis of peace. My path to the healing arts and serving others opened. I found I was not alone in this big world of needing self care. You are not alone either…

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Focus & Confidence for Kids

My boys were 2 & 3 years old when I began teaching kids and family yoga. With many certifications in Kids Yoga, my favorite is with YogaKids International. I specialized in privates for special needs kids for many years, having a child of my own in need. I educated families on tools (yoga, reflexology, Reiki, crystals,  to enhance focus, communication, and confidence. 

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Plant Energy: Essential Oils

My wellness journey with plant energy began when I was introduced to herbal remedies by my naprapathic doctor. In 2002, I was introduced to the oil of sage.  I used just that one oil in my baths for a year before I was introduced to the vast intelligence and true power of nature's living energy - essential oils.  Introducing Young Living Essential Oils  - I call "little bottles of love" - to my family was life changing or as we like to say "life giving".  

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Yoga as a Lifestyle for Adults

This amazing journey of over 20 years of practice and teaching yoga has inspired me to design an eclectic style of my own, unifying many different yoga teachings. I weave these authentic yoga teachings into my lifestyle with spontaneous, intuitive daily practices, meditations, and mindful breathing.

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Education traveling around the Globe

I chose to travel extensively, studying around the world with D. Gary Young, the founder of the modern essential oil movement.   In amongst this time of education and exploration, I was introduced to essential oil techniques to support healthy digestion, optimize hormonal function, shift emotions, focus energy, and harness personal vitality. I became a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Ordained Minister to work with essential oils in clinical settings. It was quite an adventure!

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My Reality... My Practice...

Watch the video.  While working on my own personal challenges with my eye sight, my digestion, and my time on the couch, I realized the power of listening to the messages my body was telling me;  I began to combine all that I have learned.  Through integrating holistic and allopathic medicine, plus a conscious decision to serve others,  I opened my path even farther to self-care and healing myself from the inside outward.

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Hospital reiki with steve

Healing Through Service

My practice became educating and working in a home health hospice. Combining different modalities (yoga, essential oils, Reiki, meditation, breathing, and bearing witness), I supported hospice patients and their families; taking some through end of life. It was powerful training nurses and doctors about Aromatherapy.  

I continued educating myself and graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) while planning a more formal coaching program. During this time in my life, I began to ask myself daily, “Where and how am I called to serve?”

Where are YOU called to serve? It would be fun to explore this question together...

Feeling Good Now...

Diagnosed medically with Uveitis in 2011 and Crohn's in 2013, there was a bit of a ripple in my plans.  For a few years I stayed closer to home and practiced my self-care and holistic & allopathic medicine to heal.  It was time to cleanse, add nutrients, and rest my nervous system.  It was time to rehab and so I did! 

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Caring & Sharing is service...

What does it feel like to work to the top <1% of leaders (Diamond status) in a large company, Young Living Essential Oils?  Amazing and special!  Living in aw of this journey, I am reminded of our amazing oil community, we call family – Fun Lovin’ Oilers! We believe there is strength in numbers to shift each other and our world.

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2020 - 2022
Business Consulting

During this interesting time of a world-wide pandemic, I was called to serve by consulting for various large companies reigniting my skills from my careers pre-children in retail management and nonprofit agency management. These projects gave me the opportunity and experience to be an entrepreneur in a corporate setting.

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Sun glass & Pamela

A Magnificent Life...
A woman who loves adventure and a spontaneous lifestyle full of community, I am an empty nester of 2 adult boys living in my grown up house with my high school sweetheart husband,  George. I play as I work supporting growth, authenticity, and truth with all I meet. 
I have manifested a magnificent life.  You can too!

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A fun lovin' community making sense out of health & wellness...

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