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Are you ready to awaken and deepen your awareness?

It is so easy to go through the motions distracted and unaware giving into chaotic behaviors we do not desire...

    • You desire more energy

    • You are seeking healthy lifestyle tips

  • You are ready to put yourself first with a self-care routine
    • You desire to understand holistic health

    • You are ready to implement stress management techniques

  • You need a plan to envision your path

How can help you v2


Focus within, listening to your body's innate wisdom, awakening your awareness to illuminate your path.


Freedom to feel, giving you the space to let go of stress and tension to move freely on your yoga mat to support your mental health.


Faith in yourself to practice and integrate mindfulness practices and nutrition to support your journey to love who you are! 

How I can SErve (black)



Essential Oils 


coming soon

coming soon

Fun Lovin Wellness LLC

“Pamela guided me through a very challenging time. She gave me insight and tools to see from a new perspective, improve my health, and move forward.”

CI/CX Specialist

Fun Lovin Wellness LLC

“I feel myself again. Pamela helped me identify the things that I was internalizing that was effecting my health and well being. She put me on a path of connection with self and whole body wellness.”

Chief Marketing Officer

Fun Lovin Wellness LLC

“I am beyond blessed to have Pamela in my life. She saw me without judgement in my time of need and helped me heal myself. Her insights are full of unconditional love.”

Welding Specialist

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