Bike Yoga - by Pamela Hunter

Have you ever combined your bike ride and yoga?

The other day I was riding my bike with my husband on our usual path from the house.  We can ride on the roads in the neighborhoods for a while before we turn onto a prairie path.  The trail this time of year is full of amazing foliage and flower, a variety of vivid greens and yellow goldenrod in bloom wave with the wind.  Every once in awhile a purple burst of flowers popped up to say hello and balance the wheel of colors.  We have been riding this course for many years now.  Miles vary from 10-15, depending on the day and what path we choose.  Today I decided to stop along the path and do BIKE YOGA.  My husband was sweet to take pictures so you can try this as well.  You see, we can live our yoga everywhere.

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The wind was pretty strong this day.  It felt really fabulous to get off my bike and lengthen my legs and hips. This is a variation of Ballet Pose or Natyasana using the bike to support the leg instead of reaching with the hand to the foot.  Doing this posture on both sides opens the hips and groin area giving your sits bones a break during a bike ride.

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Riding brings us forward in our body, so using the bike for simple back bend support is lovely.  Backward poses are heart opening and stimulate the nervous system.

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When we are chugging along, it is easy to sink into the seat and let your lower back take pressure, especially when the wind is pressing into your face.  Right Angle at the Bike is a posture that grounds the feet, lengthens the spine and elongates the arms, releasing tension between the neck and head.  It is also the counter pose for the backbend.

And because it is a glorious day and a delightful ride, I honor the TREES with a simple Peaceful Tree pose soaking in all the sun, wind, and life around me.  I am patient in the stillness of the pose and grateful for the beauty around me.

Where and in what ways are you practicing your yoga?

I would love to hear from you and get ideas from you, too!


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