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Yoga came into my life in 1998 when I needed to put my own oxygen mask on. I had always been a happy, depressed person before practicing yoga and exploring many paths with holistic wellness.  I quickly learned yoga helped me awaken my awareness and open the pathways for me to find my focus, feel freedom, and have faith in myself. Soon after beginning yoga, I felt alive and joyful in a different, wonderful way!

Are you ready to feel more alive?!

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Let's practice together!  I love the word "practice".  
Our practice allow us to get on our mat and explore where we are in time and space on this day. Each day may be different for our body, where our mind is, and how we feel.  Offering you an authentic, spiritual wellness practice is important to me.  

In my 25+ years of practice and teaching, I bring you an eclectic style of my own, unifying many different yoga teachings. 

Join us to experience mindfulness practices, meditation techniques, breathing, relaxation exercises, somatic movements, loving-awareness, and spontaneous holistic teachings to support you physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually, and socially.  

Join our Fun Lovin' Wellness Virtual Studio to get your weekly yoga classes Live on Tuesday mornings 9:30am CST.  If you cannot make it worries...the class will be emailed to you on Tuesday to enjoy all week long!  

Classes are priced at $6-8 depending on how many weeks are in the month. Huge value...
Together we are more...Shine Your Light & Love on!

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Enjoy these classes from my Replay Library to see if you would like to do more yoga with me.

Liberation Movement Class

We start with a series of liberating breath work. All enhanced by the oil blends of Forgiveness and Into the Future by Young Living Essential Oils.

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"I am" Meditation

Meditation, sitting to the sound of I am. by Sat Kartar. Feel the vibration of an essential oil you choose.  We used Gary's Light by Young Living.

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Let's awaken you to come into your own center.  We move with intention to be within our strength and inner power to awaken our day!

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Yogi dance

Yoga Dance is a fun, invigorating practice spontaneously gifted to us by one of our teachers, Acharya Yogendradev. He would tell us that 15 minutes of Yoga Dance is equal to the benefits of a 4 mile run.  Smile, dance, and play!

"Through awareness, we transform our body
and our
 mind to meet our soul." ~Pamela 

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Yoga & Wellness Retreats

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Fun Lovin Wellness LLC

“It's been 10 years and I’ve never come away without feeling renewed - like she just tailored that class specifically for me. She is able to equip her clients with skills and practices to overcome obstacles. ”

Professional Piano Teacher

Fun Lovin Wellness LLC

“Your classes are so energizing! I love the way you integrate the breath work into your sessions.”

Massage Therapist

Fun Lovin Wellness LLC

“You add so much joy to my life. Thank you for choosing to serve & speak your truth. Practicing yoga with you is a big part of me stepping into my truth. ”