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Flowing in the Energy of the Fields - with Pamela Hunter


Do you feel the energy around you? Sometimes we take on too much in the hustle and bustle of a season.  Often we are looking for more energy to make it through the rest of a day.  Let’s celebrate YOU and all you can do!  Here’s a treat in how you can flow in the energy of your surroundings.

Enhance your practice with the power of plant life captured in drops of essential oils.

Let's use May’s promo oils for example.

Add them to your self-care and gift the women in your life with what works fo…

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Nutritive Awareness - Veggies for Breakfast Recipes - by Pamela Hunter


I believe in looking at your lifestyle choices and making sense out of them.  I also believe in bringing awareness to our daily nutrition.  I call this Nutritive Awareness.   I believe we must consciously feed nourishment to our bodies in many forms.  Through observation it is rare to see people eat veggies at breakfast.  Through experience, it is a challenging shift to begin loving your veggies at breakfast.

Why should we care about veggies at breakfast?

1.     Veggies jump starts your day wi…

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Nutritive Awareness - 3 Simple Products to Use - by Pamela Hunter


I believe in Nutritive Awareness.  What is Nutritive Awareness?  It is the knowledge of providing nourishment.  I believe we must consciously feed nourishment to our bodies in many forms.

Here's a place to start...

It is so simple!

Let's talk about 3 products to add:

      • Young Living Lemon Vitality Essential Oil
      • NingXia Red
      • Life 5 Probiotics (or a good one you love)
I believe these 3 simple tools added to your daily life, may help your:
      • Digestive system func…

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