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Bring it to Zero Meditation - Neutralize Your Emotional State

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I believe we have the power within to neutralize our emotional state.  I actually enjoy playing with emotions that come up. I love this meditation!  This meditation helps us to name the emotions or thoughts we are experiencing, brings them to zero, and neutralizing them giving us a state of calm and peace.

  1. Allow yourself to be in a comfy position breathing gently.  Acknowledge your state of mind or emotion that is coming up for you right now.  Observe it.  Be aware of it.  How does it feel?  What…

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Look at ME! - with Pamela Hunter


My husband is not a roman soldier, but every time he looks in the mirror, he says, “ Look at me! I look good.  They chiseled the marble from looking at me!”

Does what you see on the oustise match what you feel on the inside?

Do you know what LGN stands for?  LOOK GOOD NAKED.  Now that does not mean you look like a super model or a roman statue. It is how you look naked –without clothes….maybe.  It means you Look good naked without wearing the façade of your negative feelings of yourself. But how a…

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5 Tools to Feel Free & Sparkle - with Pamela Hunter


In the spirit of Independence Day and all the fireworks of this month...What makes you feel free?  What makes you sparkle like the sky?

1.  CONFIDENCE:  Starting your day feeling alive and confident VALOR essential oils on your feet and on the back of my neck daily will give you the courage to feel free.  Just 3-6 drops in the morning as you get ready for the day gives you the sparkle in your eye of confidence and courage!  I am confident!

2.  STABILITY:  This yoga posture has always made me feel …

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Who is your mentor? - with Pamela Hunter


Who is your mentor?

This week I have been reflecting on this question that has been asked of us as leaders at Young Living Convention 2018 - "Because of Gary, I...."

Wow! This is a big question with lots of experiences and memories being triggered for me. I always have called Gary Young my mentor and teacher. From when I first met him and felt his energy in 2005 by walking up to the front of thousands of people in the audience where he was standing and watching the stage, holding out my hands,…

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Riding with Unexpected Surprises - with Pamela Hunter


Riding my bike from my house around the Prairie Path and back home is my exercise and enjoyment in these warmer months.  It takes me about 1 hour to ride 12 -15 miles.

To get to the path, I ride on the streets and sidewalks feeling all the different terrains as the pavement changes sometimes in big surprising ways.  There is fresh, black pavement, ridged pavement in transition, and squiggle patches on grey pavement.  The edges of the streets often have extra gravel, sometimes-bigger rocks and s…

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Simple Affirmations - from Conscious Language


Do you practice Conscious Language?

Repeat these affirmations:

I touch.

I feel.

I breath.

I stay.

I love.

I thrive.

These may seem extremely simple, but the meanings I attach to them are far from simple.  You see, I am a very deep and complex person.  What you see is what you get at that moment, but I am always shifting and growing.  So these somewhat simple words have very deep meaning for me.

I touch - I touch others in so many ways; through listening, teaching, seeing, giving, receiving....

I feel - w…

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