Look at ME! - with Pamela Hunter


My husband is not a roman soldier, but every time he looks in the mirror, he says, “ Look at me! I look good.  They chiseled the marble from looking at me!”

Does what you see on the oustise match what you feel on the inside?

Do you know what LGN stands for?  LOOK GOOD NAKED.  Now that does not mean you look like a super model or a roman statue. It is how you look naked –without clothes….maybe.  It means you Look good naked without wearing the façade of your negative feelings of yourself. But how about thinking ALL OF YOULOOKS GOOD.  Your vulnerable side, your wake up in the morning side, your savvy side, your all sides.  In other words, NAKED doesn’t have to mean without clothes on…..but we are going to dive deep here for a bit….

How many of you are comfortable naked?   How many are comfy naked at in your own home in private?  In a spa?  How many are not at all comfy being naked?

WE move in survival mode so often, we do not stop to be present with ourselves where we are here and now.  When we are in survival mode, we often block our right “ to have.”  WE have every right to have what we desire, so let’s do this work.

Here’s an exercise to dive deep to come into your inner beauty…so you feel like my husband.  LOL

Let's do some Mirror Work and LGN work...

Inspired from the book:  The Sevenfold Journey:  Reclaiming Mind, Body, & Spirit through the Chakras by Anodea Judith & Selene Vega

Find time alone with a large mirror and remove all your clothes.  Stand in front of the mirror and look at your body, not from a place of judgment about its size or shape, but with an attitude of greeting yourself.   Pretend you are seeing a species for the first time and you have no preconceptions about how bodies should look.

This is you.  This is the statement your spirit is making at this time. Look at me!.  Look at the detail of this statement with compassion, pleasure or amusement, but NOT criticism.  If you chest caves in, just feel what it’s like to be depressed in that area rather than judge.  If you like your chest, allow yourself to feel pleasure in that.

Look at the places that are hard or armored. Touch them.  Talk to them.  Ask them how they feel.   Notice what areas are most armored.  For instance, neck and shoulder tightness relates to communication.  Legs relate to survival.  Your chest relates to loving.  Be gentle with yourself there.  Give yourself permission to relax and Be there.

Look at the places where weight accumulates. Again, DO NOT CRITICIZE!  Touch these places gently.  Feel yourself extending out to their edges.  Feel your need to have this protection to be this size. Allow yourself to let your belly relax, your buttocks release, your shoulders hang the way they feel most comfortable.  Allow your energy to feel all your flesh, findingbeauty in there unique curves and folds.  Bring love to the areas that challenge you.  (you may need to stop and write down some loving statement so you own it and remember…”I love my legs, they support me in my movement everyday.”)

Most people hate their fat, and therefore take their life energy away from it.  It becomes a ”dead weight” with no life force in it.  IT MUST BE CLAIMED TO BE CHANGED.  Acknowledge it and bring it good energy.  When you can allow it to be part of yourself, then it can be incorporated into your body as a whole and change along with the rest of you.

Close your eyes and let your body stand the way it feels best from inside, regardless of how it might look from outside.  Then open your eyes and regard it, again looking for the statement it is making.  If you had to put that statement in one sentence, starting with “I”, what would it be? (eg. I’m lonely, I’m scared, I’m powerful, I am sexy, I am guarded, I’m angry, I’m beautiful).

Say it aloud with your eyes shut and then again to your reflection.  How does it feel to accept the statement your body is making?  Say it several times, say it with the emotion you are stating. Say it angrily if you are angry, sadly if you are sad, gorgeous if you are gorgeous.  Let your body make movements that reflect the statement. Shake your fists if you are angry. Tighten your shoulders if you are scared.  Sensuously move your hips if you say “I am sexy.”  How does your body respond?

Next, allow yourself to put on the armor you wear for the world.  Pull your shoulders back, tuck your belly in, raise your head high, put your smiling face, and say ”Hello” to your reflection.  What happens to your body?  What happens to its energy?  How do you feel?  How different is it from a few moments ago?  Go back and forth a few times between these two statements.  In a normal day we do this all the time –relaxing when alone, tightening up when others are watching.

Relax again and tell your body it’s OK to let go of the form that is “for others.”  Let it make its own statement. Look at me!:

Through this work, journal your statements that come up that you are claiming. Share them here if you feel inspired to.  Start a conversation with us.  Thos of you who start a conversation, I will respond and we will spend some time together for some free group zoom coaching.  Let's do this work together!

And with claiming comes change.  What is the change you desire?

Do the work so what you see on the outside matches what you feel on the inside.  If it is negative emotions and thoughts that come up.  Claim them and allow them to change to the positive with all of these tools we learn and use. Look at me!

Name it, Claim it, Love it, Release It.  Love again!

What Young Living Essential Oils may help support you in this process?  How about Frankincense, Patchouli, Cedarwood....which ones call to you?


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