4 Things to a Healthier Life - Taught by Gary Young

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In honor of Gary Young and his teachings, join me for 4 Things to a Healthy Life.... https://youtu.be/_-S5_xHt6MI

We were in Ecuador in 2008 for two weeks to learn from Gary Young.  We traveled on an amazing bus ride journey from Quinto to Guayaquil that was supposed to be 6 hours and turned into 12 hours!  There was a lot of ADVENTURE going on during this journey.  We were on the Amazon Adventure trip!  LOL Back in these days, you had to be resilient to travel with Young Living.  The crazy adventure was so worth while to get to the nitty gritty of the education.  Gary lectured and taught us from sun up to sun down.  We learned a tremendous amount from Raindrop Technique to hormone health to life lessons.  This life lesson made so much sense to me and gave me an equation to work with on all aspects of my life.  You can put these questions into your personal life, your business life, etc.  It helps you to go within and be with yourself and your desires.  I would love to hear your feedback when you work with these 4 questions. I especially love his quote about a burger with a good attitude!  I am blessed to spend this time with Gary Young and our Young Living family. Find more videos on my youtube channel - www.youtube.com/pamelahunter


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