Flowing in the Energy of the Fields - with Pamela Hunter


Do you feel the energy around you? Sometimes we take on too much in the hustle and bustle of a season.  Often we are looking for more energy to make it through the rest of a day.  Let’s celebrate YOU and all you can do!  Here’s a treat in how you can flow in the energy of your surroundings.

Enhance your practice with the power of plant life captured in drops of essential oils.

Let's use May’s promo oils for example.

Add them to your self-care and gift the women in your life with what works for you!

Awakening Awareness

Start your day strong with courage! The bold scent of Valor invigorates your senses.  Apply a drop at the top and base of your spine.

Stand tall, feel your feet firmly planted and inhale deeply. Now ask someone special to add Orange Vitality to the pancakes they are making for you while you set your intentions for the day.

Reach for the Sun - Inhale with your arms reaching to the heavens, then exhale, bringing your hands to your heart.  Repeat 3 times.  Wow!  The scent runs through all my cells!

Light & Love Breathing - Hands on heart and solar plexus (above your naval), feeling the flow of energy from your surroundings and into your body, your BEing.  Breathe here for a moment of peaceful love and light.  The scent of Ravintsara is pleasant and cleansing, perfect for meditation. Apply a drop to your hands before placing over heart and belly.

Tapping – Awaken your senses as you move your fingers from your forehead around the eyes, under the eyes, under the nose, under the mouth, to your heart and then to the crown of the head.  You can tap wherever you desire and feel the need.  Repeating three times is a good practice. Manuka essential oil is useful in skin care products.  Add it to yours, make some DIY skin-care gifts, or use Manuka as you tap away!

Feel the need to clear space for energy to flow?  "Even though I ___(fill in the blank), I love myself."  Stake your claim to clear and let love reside.

Opening Paths

Let’s practice Celtic Chakra Balancing to bring you into a harmonious state.  How’s that sound for awesomeness?!  Diffusing Jade Lemon is an uplifting way to reenergize your environment.  Now is the time to practice it.

Begin with your fingertips at your heart center.  Spiral one hand to your solar plexus.  Hold there, balancing your 3rd and 4th chakras. Breathe.  Heart is yin energy. Solar Plexus are yang energy.  How does our heart lead our actions and responsibilities?

Spiral the hand on your heart to your 2nd chakra (below your naval).  Spiral the hand on your solar plexus to your 5th chakra at your throat.  This balances your 2nd and 5th chakras.  Breathe.  How are we expressing our creation?

Spiral the hand near your naval up to your Crown Chakra at the top of your head. Spiral your hand from your throat chakra up to your Crown Chakra.  Both hands meet here at your 7th chakra.  Breathe. Listen.  What's God have to say about it?

Spiral one of your hands to the Root/1st chakra or as low on your body as you can reach near your pubic bone.  Spiral your other hand to your 3rd eye or 6th chakra.  This joins and balances your 1st and 6th chakra.  Breathe.  How is our vision carried forth here on earth?

Seal the Energy by moving your hands up the midline of your body to seal in the love

Living a Fun Lovin’ Lifestyle

Own your life and your energy will flow in honesty to self and others.

Voice your commitment with honor. ‘Namaste’, I see the light in you and you see the light in me.  We are all equal on this earth.

Write in a journal affirmations, inspirations, dreams and goals, keeping the flow from head through heart and hand into the world.

Share your knowledge and practices with others.  We are all learning and relearning.  Who you are matters to all around you.  Feeling stiff like tin man – needing an oil can for your joints after increasing workouts? Use AgilEasefor greater mobility and flexibility.

Live out loud and let your internal energy positively change the environment around you.  When celebrating outdoors, remember the refreshing citrus Citronella to diffuse or add to a DIY candle.  Learn how here: https://www.youngliving.com/blog/diy-citronella-floating-candle-bowl/ 

Love yourself and continue to practice this on your own in your home or office, practicing these tools and applying your favorite Young Living Essential Oils.

Share what works for you with others, gifting them grace to flow with energy as you now do.  In turn, the goodness you put out will circle back to you.

Share with me by leaving a comment!  Let's start a conversation!

Enjoy the video of the practices above and more with this video...


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