3 Tips to March in Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb - with Pamela Hunter


1. Smart Travel

Do you tend to pack everything AND the kitchen sink? Take the staples and be ready for anything wherever you go!  A non-water diffuser such as Therepro or Aromalux makes for a serene environment when the family is close quarters in a hotel room or challenged with environmental changes. Think Thieves products for keeping clean.  Essential oil bottles are great for planes, trains and automobiles.  Pack them in your checked bags or your carry on in our ziplock bag.  Oils earning flight miles with me are:

Frankincense - my buddy who protects me from my own mind and soothes my energy.

Aroma Life  - adds a skip in my step so I can keep up with my family who likes to Go! Go! GO!

Present Time - helps me come into the present time clock of a new location.

White Angelica - protects me from outside energies that may be negative or exhausting.

Valor - grounding and centering while it protects me and stimulates my energy flow within.

Harmony - It's my word for 2018!  Why?  To support me in finding my own rhythm in amongst the rhythms around me and the world.

Cypress - that mightly forest aroma on my feet and legs when I fly and when I arrive to practice LEGS UP THE HEADBOARD to accommate my body after the up and down of air travel.

Palo Santo - our Ecuadorian Frankincense buddy who is holy wood and helps me stay in a sacred space to rest easily while on a plane and in hotel rooms or at home.

Endoflex - she gives me the flow of stability to my female organs I as move and groove in this fun lovin' life. 

Traveling with kids or are you still a kid? 

Remember the Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Thieves, Purification, RC, Raven, and Tea Tree.

Lavender - for the plane to soothe those crying babes and to soothe us as we walk the streets of new lands with new flowers and trees blowing in the breeze.

Peppermint - for the plane for anyone feeling like they need to grab for that bag!  And to keep us alert as we sight see and walk, and walk, and walk...

Lemon - to freshen our water bottles, teas, and all drinks in these foreign lands as well as freshes our feet after a long day.

Thieves - to diffuse in the musty hotel rooms that were built way too long ago.

Purification - to sprinkle around the hotel rooms and bathrooms to purify your resting environment. (I look the Pope as I do this...tee hee)

RC - Respiratory Care, the name says it all...

Raven - Just in case...

Tea Tree - good for so many reasons, just in case someone gets hurt.

Young Living is the best travel companion.  Toss the Bon Voyage Travel Pack in your suitcase along with your staple oils and supplements.  Post pics of any travels, be present in the moment wherever you are and see the beauty in each day.

2. Clear the Clutter

Staying home sweet home? Listen to the birds sing while the buds begin to bloom. The March winds can blow dust, dander and pollen in our open windows.  Use your Thieves cleaning products when you clear out the closets and donate to your local charities.  What a great time to replenish Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, LavaDerm After Sun Spray and Insect Repellent!  Ask me how to get the best!

If you would like to clear out the clutter within you....try Yoga Dancing!

3. Change up Your Routine

Spring cleaning is not only for your home.  Time for a nice 5 - Day Nutritive Cleanse?  What form of movement are you doing?  If you are running, try yoga.  If you are doing yoga, try rowing or walking or movement in bed.  If you are talking on the phone all the time, get off the phone and meditate.  Change it up and see how it feels.

These three words -  SMART, CLEAR, CHANGE - inspire you to walk in like a lion and out like a lamb.


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