Vital Life Juice Recipe - from Gary Young's Book called RE-JUVA-nate Your Health


Last night at my Circle meeting, we talked about what words come to us when we think of Spring Cleaning (Spring Cleaning not only our environment, but our body too). Words that went around the circle were FREEDOM, MINIMALIZING, REFRESH, FRESHNESS, PURITY. What word comes to you for Spring Cleaning? 🌀🌀🌀

I found an old school publication written by Gary Young that is called RE-JUVA-nate Your Health. I love this little booklet!

Here's the Vital Life Juice Recipeuice recipe from this booklet that is here to support Spring Cleaning. 

🥕Puree in a blender:
3 oz. Beet
1 oz. Celery
1 oz. Carrot
1/3 oz. White Radish
1/8 oz. Ginger
1/3 oz. Red Potato

There is an hour to hour protocol to Liver cleanse for at least 5 days. When we talk about cleaning, we are adding in good nutrients to crowd out the bad. But is it about doing something for just 5 days - no! We now know that it is a lifestyle change that makes the difference. Things like this are a jump start to put attention and energy to a shift in your day to day. Let's shift!


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