What We Put in our Bodies Affects our Reality - by Pamela Hunter


Yesterday i was at the eye doctor for my check up...there was a gal working hard to get a cup for some coffee. She was fumbling due to her fingers being inflamed with arthritis. I smiled at her to get her attention and nodded to see if she would welcome help. She smiled back and said, “please.” I helped her get the cup and put it in the machine for the coffee, then was about to hand it to her. She then said quickly, “cream and 2 sugars please.” I supported her putting in the cream and two sugars. I looked into her eyes with compassion and asked, “have any of your doctors talked to you about how dairy and sugar add to inflammation in our body?” She shook her head, no and replied, “what? Looks like i need to have some conversations today.” We smiled at each other as i followed her to her seat to hand her the coffee. She looked up and said, “Tomorrow is another day!” With a bright smile. 

My friends, what we put in our bodies affects our reality. ‘Itis’ at the end of a word means inflammation. Here is a pic of high inflammatory foods. Which ones can you clean out of your life with grace and ease? Let’s hear some success stories...


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