Fun Lovin' Feet - by Pamela Hunter


We stand on our feet everyday!  Do you take care of your feet, your foundation?  When I showed up at my first yoga class back in 1998, my feet were not the best looking foundation.  I had really narrow feet with bunions and my pinky toe hugging the next toe very tightly.  It was an issue in my shoes, in standing long periods of time, in my walking and posture.  My yoga teacher gave me the tips I am sharing with you now in this video.  I did the work and now I have YOGA TOES - they look like they could be fingers!  Take a look!

If you are experiencing issues in your feet and need some relief.  I hope you try this practice.  Share with us what you experience.  We would love to hear!  It takes time, but I am proof it works.  No more bunions for me!



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