Riding with Unexpected Surprises - with Pamela Hunter


Riding my bike from my house around the Prairie Path and back home is my exercise and enjoyment in these warmer months.  It takes me about 1 hour to ride 12 -15 miles.

To get to the path, I ride on the streets and sidewalks feeling all the different terrains as the pavement changes sometimes in big surprising ways.  There is fresh, black pavement, ridged pavement in transition, and squiggle patches on grey pavement.  The edges of the streets often have extra gravel, sometimes-bigger rocks and sticks, and even glass from broken bottles.  The sidewalks usually have a rhythm until you find that big bump that has developed from shifts in the earth underneath. 

Then getting onto the gravel path lined with wild grasses and flowers is always a delight as you feel you have left the chaos of cars, trucks, and houses and come into nature.  Nature in all ways such as the prairie mouse who scurries under your bike, the chip monk who flies across the path in front of you, or the snake who slithers out of the field on the path for you to dodge.  Yikes!

The ride is always interesting as you navigate unexpected surprises and flow with the rhythms of your path.

All aspects of life have unexpected surprises.  It is experiences like these times on my bike navigating terrain that prepares me for navigating bigger unexpected surprises in life.    

As I think about these unexpected surprises, I also look deeper into the lessons I learn from navigating and flowing through them.

What unexpected surprises are showing up in your life? 

How are you navigating them? 

Is there a practice in your life like riding your bike or showing up on your yoga mat that helps you process and practice?

My wise friend reminded me today:  “Sometimes the most important journeys in life are the journeys within.” ~Stacey Vann, Breathe Yoga & Wellness

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