Ocean Breathing with Essential Oils - by Pamela Hunter


The time in the evening after dinner and before bed is a Divine time to do self care and be in your own light energy.  It is in this time where you can release the day and move into the night with peace.  

Ocean Breathing is soothing and comforting to our body as it allows the mind to only focus on the breath and the movement of our air up the body as a wave moves up the beach.  When you couple this breathing with essential oils, the brain feels the frequency even stronger!

Picture sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in and out.  

What do you hear?  

What do you see?  

How does this allow you to feel?

The waves have a soothing sound we can make with our breath as it comes in and goes out.  We see the wave with a gently rhythm, climbing up the beach;  the same as we can move our breath up our body from our belly through our lungs and up to our neck.  This creates the same pause at the top of our neck like the wave makes as it climbs the beach as high as it can move with grace.  After this pause, the wave gently and slowly falls back down the beach rhythmically with a gentle sound that is subtle and soothing.  It is so gentle yet so powerful.  Our exhale with our mouth closed and our throat slightly restricted allows our breath to move from our neck down our spine to this same subtle, soothing rhythm.  We empty all the way out bringing our navel into our spine.  We completely and gracefully complete this exhalation with a pause at the end, mimicking the image of waves moving from the ocean to the beach and back to the ocean.

Now you hear it in your body the same as the beach.

Now you see it in your mind the same as the ocean.

How does this allow you to feel?

To help relax in the evening and find even more soothing peace, apply 1-3 drops of Young Living's Lavender (Lavendula agustafolia) to your navel and heart.  

Before you begin your Ocean Breathing, make a scent tent with your hands to your nose to take in the aroma of the lavender.  Your brain will be happy as well as your body.  Our Light within shines so bright as we take this time to breathe.

This same exercise is powerful upon waking in the morning to start your day!  Inspiration essential oil may be a good chose for you.

It is a Young Living blended oil of cedar wood, spruce, rosewood, myrtle, sandalwood, frankincense, and mugwort. It is known to enhance the communication with Divine inspiring spiritual awareness.  a wonderful oil to couple with breathing in the morning to start your daily devotions to a great day ahead!

These are just two oils in a big list of Young Living Essential Oils that can serve you for your needs.  Have fun playing with different oils and experiencing them for yourself.  They are powerful tools to help us feel our energy and body.  Essential oils coupled with breathing techniques are a beautiful partnership for self care practices.  Remember, your breath is always with you.  Use it with grace and ease.  

Enjoy visiting the ocean within you!

What essential oils have you experienced while doing breath work?  Please share with me!  I would love to hear from you!


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