Simple Affirmations - from Conscious Language


Do you practice Conscious Language?

Repeat these affirmations:

I touch.

I feel.

I breath.

I stay.

I love.

I thrive.

These may seem extremely simple, but the meanings I attach to them are far from simple.  You see, I am a very deep and complex person.  What you see is what you get at that moment, but I am always shifting and growing.  So these somewhat simple words have very deep meaning for me.

I touch - I touch others in so many ways; through listening, teaching, seeing, giving, receiving....

I feel - with my whole heart and all that I am and all that I and consistently...

I breath - without thinking about it and mindfully with intention to thrive in this life that is so very full...I breath in life and my breath keeps me strong, happy, vital, and alive!

I stay - This is so BIG FOR ME!  I stay focused and committed to all that I have put into action.  I stay with my people who support me and love me.  I stay with my clients who need and trust.  I stay with my business even when it gets tough.  I stay with my ideas until they are implemented into reality.  Nothing is to tough for me to Stay with.

I love - all the time!  I love myself.  I love others as much as I love myself.  Love is everything.

I thrive - to be the best I can be at my highest potential in this live I love in a fun lovin' way!

How do these words serve you?  I share with you, you share with me.  Please and thank you with grace and ease.


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