Are you able to say, I love myself?


Are you able to say, "I love myself"?

I love myself is a powerful affirmation and one that is not easily spoken, much less felt in the heart.  But how do we love others if we first do not love ourselves?  The Golden Rule says to Love others as much as you love yourself.  Some of us hear “others” and go straight to it, putting all of our energy into other people.  It is challenging to focus on loving ourselves in a society that often turns it into a selfish act.  But we are told on an airplane, “First put your own oxygen mask on and then your child’s.”

Here are beneficial steps to help:

1.     Write down as many positive adjectives that express your true nature.  No holding back, let the goodness flow.  Ideas are:  kind, daring, creative, funny, positive, loving, honest, genuine, sweet, generous, etc.

2.     Sit and breathe into your heart center.  Sound strange to you?  Just try it.  Sit in a comfortable position.  Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your solar plexus, just above your naval.  Now breathe in and out through your nose allowing your belly to rise with the inhalation and fall with the exhalation.  Focus on your breath, feeling the light and love within your self.  This LIGHT & LOVE BREATHING is explained fully in my book, Rise & Shine:  6 Master Steps to Get Moving.

3.  Apply your favorite Young Living Essential Oils and breathe it in with a SCENT TENT and allow the love to come in.  Oils that come to mind to use:  Acceptance, Forgiveness, Joy, Gratitude, Harmony, Highest Potential, Live with name a few.

This month, give yourself the gift of self-love and say proudly, I love myself!


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