Electronic Messages - Elvis's Return to Sender


Today in yoga class during a body scan visualization practice, a very profound message was sang to us by the one and only ELVIS!

At the beginning of class I was struggling with my electronic devices and getting the music to play through my speaker.  I made the comment that "electronics are not liking me right now".  We experienced a lovely practice coming into a circle at the end for a body scan visualization and a few drops of Frankincense essential oils on the top of our heads.  I changed the music to one of my sound healing songs of tibetan bowls with wonderful frequencies filling the room.  The sound was part of the visualization as we were noticing our cells and observing how they feel free and clear to swim, play, and dance about the body within all the different body parts. We began at the feet and toes and moved up the body.

It always amazes me how Spirit speaks through us. Can you picture this peaceful space as we were observing our inner body?

We were at the pelvic region of the body when ALL OF A SUDDEN, the music switched to ELVIS singing, "Return to sender.  Address unknown.  No such number.  No such zone!"  At first, I was startled, rattled, a bit annoyed…but then I really HEARD the message. Do you hear it "Return to sender.  Address unknown.  No such number.  No such zone!" 

We hold so much in our bodies that do not belong.  We accept illness and traumas that we have no business accepting into our beings.   Elvis was simply sending us a valuable message to give it back and return it to where you picked it up or perhaps even better, give it up to God.  This was very powerful to me as I have experienced many challenges in my digestive tract this year…critters that don't belong in me need to go back to Egypt or perhaps Jordan!  "Return to sender.  Address unknown.  No such number.  No such zone!"   We heard the message a few times, then Elvis stopped and the music returned to the beautiful tibetan bowls and the body scan was completed in these healing sound frequencies.  Another message then came from one of my students, "I think electronics do love you!"  We all giggled with a nice feeling of peace and harmony.

So if you find yourself accepting something in your body and being that does not belong, let Elvis help you with his message,"Return to sender.  Address unknown.  No such number.  No such zone!"


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