Do you carry extra energy in your pocket? - If you have essential oils in your pocket you do!


Do you carry extra energy in your pocket?  If you are carrying essential oils with you, you are carrying extra energy. How is this?

Essential oils increase your vibrational frequency, your life force, prana or chi.  These are names for energy.  We all can use a boost of energy, right?  And often we might need a mood enhancer to feel that boost in energy.  Essential oils can be a wonderful tool.  The Reference Guide to Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley says, "Essential oils have a bio-electrical frequency that is several times greater than the frequency of herbs, food and even the human body.  Clinical research has shown that essential oils can quickly raise the frequency of the human body, restoring it to its normal, healthy level."

Here's a chart to help you understand frequencies in our human body and how we are affected:

Wow!  That frequency for essential oils is high!  And you can carry them in your pocket?  You can apply them with no preparation.  Just take off the cap, drop 1-3 drops in your hand and apply as you desire or as the reference guides teach you. Essential oils are pretty awesome!

Joy essential oil from Young Living Essential Oils has a frequency of 188 Mhz.  Joy essential oil, when inhaled, gives feelings of being loved and sharing loving times.  Joy essential oil reminds us to love ourselves and love others.  Joy is said to open the adenoids and adrenals to let in love.  Joy is a wonderful tool if you are experiencing sadness, grief, fear, and other emotions that lower your energy or when you simply want to amplify the joy you already are feeling.

So, applying 1-3 drops on your chest to bring Joy into your heart or brushing it through your hair as a natural diffuser for you throughout the day is a great way to enhance your mood and your energy!

Are you using JOY?  

Want to have some JOY?  

Message me and we will fill your pockets, heart, and life with JOY!

To learn more about essential oils and how they work, click here.

My testimonial, "I use JOY often as it is part of The Good Day protocol of Valor (feet), Harmony (Naval), Joy (heart), and White Angelica (shoulders).  But there are some days when the JOY just really doesn't smell good to me.  It is strong smelling to me on those days.  When the JOYdoesn't smell good to me, I know I REALLY need it.  For some reason or another, my JOY is struggling and I need this frequency boost from this little bottle of nature's living energy to help my heart sing in the vibrations.  That may sound silly to you, but it is real for me.  When I apply JOY, the day changes, my body feels lighter, and life moves with Grace and ease."


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